Urine Test or Urinalysis

Why take a urine test?

A urine test, or urinalysis is used for most any health checkup and annual physical. Also a urine test may be required as part of the a job application. In some jobs, random urine tests are given to ensure employees are following job guidelines for a drug free workplace.

Why can a urine test tell you?

A urine test, or Urinalysis, can help you to diagnose certain health related issues. Urine tests help doctors make sure your kidneys and other organs are functioning properly. The urinalysis can also help you find out if you have a urinary tract infection or bladder infection.

A urinalysis shows the number of red and white blood cells. The urine test can show when there is bacteria in your system. A urinalysis can show when there is glucose in your system that was not filtered by your kidney. The urine test will show the ph level of your urine, or in other words, it will show how acidic the urine is. The urinalysis will also show the concentration of your urine.

A urine test is used as a pregnancy test

A urine test is one of the most reliable forms of a pregnancy test you can use. The urinalysis will look at the concentration of hCG levels in your urine. hCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a chemical (hormone) that is produced during the embryo implantation stage of a pregnancy. Usually the hCG levels are not high enough to detect until after the fertilized egg has implanted in the uterus. Take caution, however, as testing during the initial stages of pregnancy (the first week or so) can produce a false positive. Testing after a couple of weeks will produce a more reliable pregnancy test. Home pregnancy tests is really just a urine test where the pregnancy test will show a color, line or say Yes when a certain level of hCG is detected. When you pee on the pregnancy test stick, the urine is passed through the absorbent stick where the hCG, if present, interacts with the chemical detectors and produces a chemical reaction. The pregnancy test you take a doctor’s office basically does the same thing by measuring hCG levels.

Urine tests are commonly used to test for drugs

Urine tests are also used to detect drugs in your system. An example of a urinalysis is a drug test to show when there is Ultram in your system. Ultram is a highly addictive narcotic like painkiller or pain reliever used to treat moderate to sever pain. People who have ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol are not supposed to even touch Ultram. Understandably, many people are addicted to ultram and try to find ways to hide Ultram when taking a urinalysis or urine test. Another common drug that shows up on a urinalysis is marijuana. Essentially, the urine test can detect drug usage by finding trace elements in your urine.

We know we’re speaking to a brick wall here when we say this, but… If you are addicted to Ultram or any other drug and you are trying to fake a urine test, please, please, please seek addiction help. Of course, if you are trying to fake a urinalysis and trying to sneak Ultram pass the urine test, then you probably are in denial and not going to take this advice anyway.

The facts are simple. Ultram, as well as any other drugs, both legal and illegal drugs, will show up in a drug test. A urinalysis will show traces of Ultram, marijana, oxycodone, etc if you have been using it.

Some people will go to great efforts to submit a fake urine sample for a urinalysis. A very common tool used by many people is called the Whizzinator (also known as Wizzinator, Whizzer or Wizzer). This device comes with dried urine, obviously not yours, and once you hydrate the urine, keep it heated to your body temp. It even comes with a fake penis. The idea is that you can provide a urine sample that will pass any drug test. Recently, the makers of the Whizzinator were prosecuted for selling drug paraphernalia and for fraud. Actor Tom Sizemore was caught using the Whizzinator as was Minnesota Viking’s running back Onterrio Smith.

As mentioned above, a urinalysis is a very useful tool in diagnosing illnesses, pregnancy, and drug use. The urine test is widely accepted as a primary indicator of many health-related issues. That’s why you are given a urinalysis at every annual physical.

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