Painful Urination

There’s little that is more unnerving than urination pain.

Different types of urination pain

There are two main types of pain associated with urinating. One kind is the burning urine or burning pee. This has been described as feeling hot and / or stinging while you urinate. The burning pain is usually localized near the opening of the urethra. Another kind of pain may not necessarily be associated with urine, but it takes place in your urinary tract. This may be a cramping or stabbing pain you feel in your lower abdominal region, although not occurring while you pee.

What causes urination pain?

Many times a burning urination pain may indicate you have a urinary tract infection. You will want to watch for other urine infection symptoms to determine if you do have a urinary tract infection. Check the consistency of your urine. If you also notice dark urine or cloudy urine, you will probably want to see a doctor soon. You doctor may be able to prescribe antibiotics to treat a urinary tract infection, which when treated, will eliminate the urination pain.

There are, however, some other things, aside from a UTI, that may cause a burning urination pain.

Other types of infections may also cause painful urination. A vaginal infection, for example can cause some painful urination. Cystitis can also be a common cause of urinary pain.

Hygiene products can cause urination pain

You also need to be aware of some products you may use that could cause burning painful urination. For example, some women may have a reaction to the chemicals in a feminine care product or even lubricants. And whether you are a man or woman, getting a little soap in the urethra can be extremely painful when urinating.

Medications can cause urination pain

Some medications can cause painful medication. Just ask yourself what medications, if any, you are taking. Some cancer fighting therapy medications can cause painful urination.

Other illness that may cause pain urinating

Now, when you feel abdominal pain, it may or may not be related to pain urinating. If you ever feel ongoing abdominal cramping or stabbing pain, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. There are many possible causes for that kind of abdominal pain, and not many of them are considered insignificant. So when is abdominal pain related to urination pain?

Well, if you have ever had a kidney stone or gall bladder stone, you probably know the pain that can accompany that experience. This pain has been described by many as some of the worst pain they have ever experienced. Many people end up going to the emergency room when they have a kidney stone or gall stone. The pain can even be accompanied by nausea, due to the intensity of the pain. So, why is a kidney stone or gall stone related to urinary pain? A kidney stone is not really a stone, per say, but actually a crystalline structure that is created by minerals in your bladder. These are the same minerals you body is trying to expel in your urine. The minerals can form crystal stones of varying sizes. If you look at a crystalline structure up close, you’ll see that it is not smooth at all, but rather it has very jagged edges. When the stone is large enough it will scrape the sides of the tubes in your urinary tract and as it passes through the urethra. Aside form the sharp stabbing pain and cramping, the kidney stones can also cause blood in your urine. When trying to pass a stone through you ureter and then your urethra, you can also experience some extremely painful urination. So you may get the burning AND the stabbing pain together. That’s just not a fun experience. If you go to the emergency room with kidney or gall stones, they may give you morphine to help you deal with the pain.

Another situation that could cause painful urination would be a cyst that presses against the bladder. Women may experience an ovarian cyst, and this could very likely cause that urination pain.

So, what should you do if you notice urination pain (and it’s hard not to notice)? If you cannot immediately attribute the pain to an outside source, such as a new hygiene product or a medication you are taking, then pleaseā€¦ go see your doctor.

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