Frequent Urination

Is frequent urination a problem?

So if you are urinating or peeing quite often, you might assume that you have been drinking a LOT of fluids. This may be the case and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

You certainly need to keep yourself well hydrated. So, how much is too much water to drink? How often is it too frequent urination? If you are drinking more than a gallon of water (about 12 glasses of water) a day, then you may be drinking more than normal. Be careful that you don’t drink too much water, or you may be at risk of water intoxication.

So, how much urination is too much?

If you urinate more than 3.5 quarts a day, that is higher than normal. The average person does not urinate more than 2 cups every two hours. If you are urinating too frequently, you may need to take an anti-diuretic such as DDAVP(Desmopressin Acetate Tablets).

If you have noticed very frequent urination, here’s a couple of things you will want to watch for.

What health issues cause frequent urination?

Do you notice an increase in your urination frequency? Are you always thirsty even though you’re drinking a lot of water? Do you wake up a lot of night to urinate. Frequent night urination is known as Nocturia. Is your child wetting the bed a lot? Bedwetting and Nocturia (frequent night urination) along with an overall increase in urination can be symptoms of Diabetes Insipidus.

Clear urine color can be a symptom of Diabetes Insipidus. Now don’t worry, this diabetes has nothing to do with the more commonly known sugar level diabetes type I and type II. The only thing Diabetes Insipidus (sometimes called Water Diabetes) shares with Diabetes Mellitus (type one and type two sugar diabetes) is that you have an increase of thirst and or urination. (whichever doctor thought that naming this diabetes insipidus wouldn’t create any confusion, needs a reality check.). Diabetes Insipidus is actually a metabolic disorder that has to do with your kidneys and your pituitary gland. The concentration of your urine is not at normal levels. This causes you to urinate frequently. This also accounts for the urine being clear instead of a natural straw yellow or pale yellow urine color.

As long as your water intake can be kept up, there’s no real immediate danger with Diabetes Insipidus. You do have to take care to make sure you are getting a proper intake of water to make up for all the water you body is pushing out. Since the concentration of your urine is incorrect, your body has to push out more water than normal to make sure the waste is expelled from your body. If you do not drink enough, you risk dehydration. Your doctor can provide information on how to live with and treat Diabetes Insipidus.

Keep in mind that illness may cause you to urinate more frequently. If you have a urine infection, you may urinate quite a bit more than normal. Watch for other symptoms as well, such as painful urination, pain in the stomach area, fever, etc.

Again, if you have questions about the frequency of your urination, please see your doctor. He or she may recommend an urologist.

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