Blood in Urine

Is That… Blood in Your Urine?

You look down in the toilet after peeing and you see red… or pink… or orange… possibly brown, rust or even black. “What on earth? What’s wrong with me?” The real question you should be asking is if that’s blood in your urine, or is something else causing the discoloration?

Blood in Urine is Called Hematuria

If there is blood in your urine, you are experiencing a symptom known as hematuria. Hematuria is not usually a condition in and of itself, but rather it is usually a symptom of something else happening in your body. It can, at times, be insignificant, while at other times it can be a sign of some very serious problems. If you notice blood in your urine, due to the possibility of a severe situation, it’s always advisable to see a doctor immediately.

Is it Really Blood in My Urine? False Positives… and Positive Positives

While this can be serious, there are other reasons your urine color may appear red, pink, orange or brown, and mislead you to believe you have a health issue. In the next few pages, we’ll discuss some of the non-health causes of blood colored urine such as food you have eaten or medicine you are taking. And of course, we will discuss some of the health issues that cause the real blood in your urine.

Blood in Urine Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

It doesn’t do much good to share in the fear and not tell you how to recognize it and what to do about it. We’ll spend the next few pages helping you recognize the symptoms and signs of blood in urine, as well as cover some of the causes and ways to treat the causes.

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