Women Pee Standing up

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Women Urinate Standing. Equality for Everyone!

Do dirty toilet seats gross you out? Now everyone can stand up to pee. Yes, there are products that allows a woman to stand up and pee like a man does at the urinal… sort of. While female urinary devices have been around for about the last 100 years, they are becoming more popular as of late. This can be attributed to not only higher availability through manufacturing but also to the convenience of purchasing on the internet. Devices such as GoGirl, the SheWee, P-Mate, and UriFemme are all easily purchasable online as well as found in some travel stores, outdoors shops and pharmacies. These urinary devices are essentially tube or funnel like devices that make it possible for a woman to urinate without dropping her pants to her ankles. A woman can place the urinary device against her … well, you get the idea. Women can now be ready to pee standing in any public restroom or while out camping or on other occasions. But here’s our question?. Are you going to tote that around in your purse? Some of them do come with carrying cases if that makes it any more appealing. Just remember to rinse the device well, when possible, before storing it.

How Practical is a Urine Funnel?

That depends completely on the clothes you are wearing and the condition or availability of a toilet. When wearing pants these devices could be quite practical, but could be an issue if you have to hike your dress up high enough to use it. Plus you have to make sure you don’t let your dress or shirt dangle into the urine stream. It still beats sitting on a germ infested public toilet seat. But if you’re out in the wild, or on the side of the road, or if there’s just no public toilet available, then it’s far more practical for women to urinate standing using one of these female urinary devices than it is to use the old squat and pee approach. Less messy and less exposure.

What About Female Urinals?

In other efforts to help women have more casual peeing experiences, there are some designs for female urinals. These urinals for women do seems a bit confusing, as they would need to be used with a female urinary device, or women would have to lower their pants far enough to forgo all modesty. In which case, wouldn’t it be easier to just use the toilet that has a door?

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