Where do you pee?

This is part of our Fun With Pee series. Funny, curious, and even startling facts and stories about the pee our bodies make.

Would You Like Some Privacy To Do Your Business?

Most societies have some norms about where it is appropriate to urinate. Typically, there’s a bathroom involved in the process. But many times you just don’t have a bathroom available, or it’s inconvenient or just too disgusting to use. In those cases, where do you pee?

Do You Pee in the Shower?

About 45% of people admit to peeing in the shower, although we guess that more people pee in the shower than are willing to admit.We’re not sure why people make a big deal about this one. As long as the shower is running and the water’s draining properly… go for it. It’s all wastewater going down the tubes. Just don’t urinate in the bath, ok?

Do You Pee in the Ocean?

What do your urine and ocean have in common? They’re both really salty. About 45% of people admit that they pee in the ocean. Yes, the ocean is vast and wide and you won’t be drinking out of it, but it’s still a little unpleasant to know you’re swimming in all that fish urine too. We are confident that many more people urinate in the ocean than admit. If you’re surfing or scuba diving and you have to go, what would you do?

Who Pees in the Pool?

Only 28% admit that they pee in the pool. We’re sure the artificial threat of using pee indicators that change the color of the water have reduced the number of people peeing in the pool. Really though, there’s usually so much chlorine in a pool that not many bacterias could survive. Still, it’s a bit disgusting to know you’re swimming through a nice invisible cloud of urine.

Peeing Outdoors When Camping

Many camp bathrooms are beyond disgusting, and peeing outside is actually a more sanitary option. Just watch out for bears, wolves and other frightening animals that might get you! Some campsites don’t have a bathroom anywhere nearby, and in those cases, people will find a tree or even make a latrine. Just make sure to keep your waste away from the water as to not contaminate the area where you may go swimming later. And if you’re in need of drinking water, just be sure to use your water filtration kits.

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