Urine Therapy

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Can your pee heal you?

Sometimes relieving yourself feels like it will make everything better. There is, however, a school of thought out there that says that using urine can help your body. Urine Therapy is the process of using urine or pee to provide better health or to heal your body. Some people massage urine or pee into the skin, and some people even drink pee to pursue health benefits. So, is there any validity to these claims? Let ’s explore.

Urine Cure for Cancer?

There are those that claim drinking urine or rubbing pee into the skin can help prevent cancer. There is no scientific evidence to substantiate this claim and this could be deemed a superstition or an old wives tale. Why would that one even be suspected to work? If you look at the chemical makeup of urine, there are no components that would give this theory any validity.

Should You Treat a Sting with Urine?

More practically, pee might be used to alleviate itching or stinging by rubbing it into the skin. Have you ever heard that you should pee on a sea urchin or jellyfish sting? It has been shown to help reduce the intensity of the sting. This tactic, however, should only be used when you do not have other options available. Urine contains bacteria from your body. You don’t want to share your bacteria with someone else through a cut or an open wound.

Can a Drink of Urine Help a Sore Throat?

Some people claim drinking pee can help with a sore throat…. we would prefer to use some Chloraseptic.

Can Urine Cure Thrush?

It’s said that when a baby has thrush, you can treat it by taking the baby’s wet diaper and wiping it inside the baby’s mouth on the areas with the thrush. If you are going to try this home remedy, we recommend you avoid doing this with the diapers that have moisture absorbing gel. Why would this work? Well, thrush is basically a yeast infection. The theory is that the ammonia in the baby’s pee will kill the thrush yeast infection. Personally, we’re a little skeptical about trying this home remedy out on our kids. It just sounds kind of disgusting. I guess it depends on how desperate you are to get rid of your baby’s thrush. At least we could say it’s an all-natural thrush remedy. Now, remember, it’s only the baby’s pee that might help. Try to pass on the other diapers.

Is Urine Therapy Safe?

If you are going to pursue urine therapy, despite what the evidence shows, there are some basic guidelines you will want to follow. Some pee would be considered better for urine therapy. You should use the first pee of the morning. Also, try not to use the beginning or the end of the stream of pee. The beginning of your urine flow tends to contain more bacteria than the middle, so the midstream pee is the best for urine therapy. Now… let’s move on to less salty subjects.

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