Magic Cats

This is part of our Fun With Pee series. Funny, curious, and even startling facts and stories about the pee our bodies make.

Cat Urine 101.

Most of our information on our site is about human urine, but time we decided to share a little information about magical world of cat urine.

It’s so fascinating, that it’s worth mentioning. Cat pee will glow under a blacklight. I guess that’s one way to find out where the cat has peed on the carpet. Just be warned, you may find it in places you never wanted to know about. So, do you need a blacklight to locate cat wee? We think the cat urine odor just might give away the location even if you don’t have a black light.

Think of the cost savings if you wanted to produce invisible paint to work with a blacklight. Just create a cat farm, collect their urine, slap a label on it and it will sell like … hot urine! Ok, we think there’s one reason this new marketing scheme would never work. The odor of cat urine is just too offensive to ever find an alternative use. Have you ever walked into a home where someone had a few too many cats? Yeah, you know the smell we’re talking about.

Not Just Cat Urine

Actually, the blacklight trick will work for any animal urine... including human urine. That’s because urine contains ammonia, and it’s the ammonia that glows under a blacklight. Most humans, however, don’t pee on the carpet. We did say MOST. The blacklight could come in very handy after a party.

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