Foamy Urine

What Causes Foamy Urine?

Foamy urine is not so much a color issue as it is typically a symptom of when you’ve ingested more protein than your body can efficiently absorb. If you have a lot of protein in your urine, the protein reacts with the air and water, creating the foamy urine.

Sometimes you may experience foamy urine after eating a lot of fish, chicken and other meats. These meats contain muco-proteins. If your body is not breaking down these proteins efficiently, the protein is usually expelled from your body in your urine. The proteins, reacting with the air, then produce foamy urine.

Can Foamy Urine Be Dangerous?

Foamy urine shouldn’t really be a problem if it’s a result of too much protein. Now if you continually experience foamy urine, you may want to see a doctor as foamy urine can also be a symptom of kidney problems or a gallbladder problem. When in doubt, see the doc.

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