Pink Urine

Pink Urine can be caused by foods you are eating

Pink urine color can be caused by eating certain foods. Foods with dyes can cause a pink hue in your urine. Think about what you’ve been eating lately. Do any of the foods have red food coloring in them?

Blood in urine can also cause pink urine

Pink urine colorA more serious issue that causes pink urine is Hematuria, or blood in the urine. The Pink urine color could be a symptom of kidney, prostate or bladder problems. These are all very serious and require medical attention.

You need to monitor the occurrence of pink urine color. If it happens once or twice in a day, but never again, it could very well just be food related. If you notice a pink urine color for days or weeks, see a doctor.

If you notice a pink urine color, take note of the frequency. How often does it occur, and how long has your urine been pink? Is your pink urine color accompanied by other symptoms such as painful urination?

Again, please don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.

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