Light Yellow Urine Color

What color means you have healthy urine?

A light yellow urine color typically signifies a very healthy urine. The light straw yellow urine will have a low odor, few bubbles in the urine, little to no foam, and have a clear urine consistency.

Congratulations, your urine is probably healthy.

Shouldn’t healthy urine be clear?

While it would seem that the clearer the urine the more healthy, that is not necessarily the case. If your urine color is very clear, it is showing a high concentration of water, and a lower concentration of actual waste. Clear urine could mean you are very well hydrated, but a low concentration of waste is not necessarily a good thing. What this means is that you need to pee more in order to get rid the waste your body doesn’t need.

Does light yellow urine color mean a clean bill of health?

Now, while it’s easy to say you have healthy urine if the urine color is light yellow, you do need to pay attention to other factors to be sure you are, in fact, healthy.

Regardless of the healthy urine color, the following issues may mean there are some health issues to watch for.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms with your urination, note the frequency. If it continues for longer than a day, let you doctor know immediately.

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