Dark Yellow Urine

How dark is your urine?

What does it mean if you see a dark yellow urine color? Typically, this is a sign that you are not drinking enough water. How much water have you drank for the day? You should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. If you do not drink enough water, then your urine becomes over-concentrated with waste, which is why it is a darker yellow urine color. You may also notice a stronger odor since the concentration is higher.

Is food causing your dark yellow urine?

Now, some foods may also cause your urine to have a dark yellow urine color. Asparagus makes your urine darker yellow and it creates a strong odor.

The important thing is to think about your diet. Have you eaten any foods that might change your urine color? Are you drinking enough water? If you are drinking enough water, but your still have dark yellow urine color, then it may be food based. Beets also cause a dark yellow urine color.

Is illness causing your dark yellow urine?

If you haven’t had any foods that may cause the dark yellow urine color, then there are some illnesses that can show symptoms such as dark yellow urine color.

  • Blood in the urine, also known as Haematuria, can cause darker urine.
  • Haemolytic Anemia can cause dark yellow urine color.
  • Hepatitis can cause a darker urine color. Hepatitis is an inflammation of your liver, and it’s usually caused by a viral infection or some medications or even alcohol consumption.

Again, when in doubt, please go see your doctor.

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