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Some of these symptoms may include:

Can Alkaptonuria be prevented? No. It is inherited when both your parents pass the full defective gene on to you. Don’t be mad at your parents, they could not have prevented it either, unless they had recognized it earlier and decided not have kids. Then where would you be?

Can Alkaptonuria be treated? High doses of vitamin C have been shown to help slow the development of the arthritis that can come from alkaptonuria. It also seems to help reduce the skin color change that comes from the build up of the homogentisic acid [6], but much of this evidence is more anecdotal than deep research. In other words, you heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend. Other than that, there’s unfortunately nothing that can be done to prevent it. Many people turn to painkillers to deal with the arthritis, and eventually joint replacement may be necessary. Anything that can be done to reduce the production and build up of the homogentisic acid would be most ideal. There are some hints of usefulness from a drug called nitisinone that is supposed to suppress the production of the homogentisic acid, but it’s only been tested in limited trial, and the results were deemed inconclusive.

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