Black Urine
Causes that are Not So Dangerous

  • Rhubarb. For dark brown or black urine to occur, we‘re talking about really large doses of rhubarb. Let‘s just say you‘re a rhubarb pie fanatic… and who isn‘t? You would have to be eating rhubarb pie for every meal and then some more for snacks. Smaller amounts of rhubarb would turn your urine orange. If you‘re eating enough rhubarb to cause black urine, then you may have other things to worry about… such as difficulty finding friends when you always have a stalk of rhubarb in your mouth.

  • Fava beans. Who eats fava beans? Lots of people, apparently. These beans are also called broad beans and horse beans. Broad beans are rich in l-dopa. L-dopa is naturally occurring in your body, but high quantities can create a brown or black urine color.

  • Sorbitol. Naturally occurring in fruits such as apples, pears, peaches and prunes, sorbitol is used as a sugar substitute in sugar free gum as some drinks, ice cream, mints, even cough syrup. It can cause or worsen upset stomach (ibs), cramping, and diarrhea, especially with high dosages. And yes, it can cause black urine.

Not so Dangerous Medicinal Causes

  • Douche, feminine hygiene agents. It‘s been reported by some that feminine hygiene products… the kind that help a woman feel fresh, yes, we‘re talking about douche… may cause dark brown or black urine. We‘d like to see more data to help validate this claim, but it‘s certainly worth mentioning. If you‘ve experienced dark brown or black urine because of using douche, please let us know.

Not so Dangerous Health Issue Causes

  • Muscle damage - “You‘ve been working out” is always nice to hear, but “You‘ve been working out too hard” is usually what the doctor tells you when you suffer some muscle damage. Over-exertion is one of the common ways you may hurt yourself. Although painful, muscle damage is usually not life threatening. Aside from the pain, something else is going on which could actually cause black urine. You see, your muscles contain a protein known as Myoglobin. This protein helps get oxygen into your muscles. When you sustain a muscle injury, some of that myoglobin is released into your bloodstream. And since your kidneys process waste from your blood, the myoglobin gets passed into your urine. That myoglobin can make your urine dark. And with enough of it, your urine may even appear black.

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