Urine Colors: Everything You Need to Know

UrineColors.com is a site created to help you determine the causes of your different urine colors as well as help you understand how your urine color can be a symptom of certain health issues. We also discuss the basics about urine and some very interesting urine facts.

What is Normal Urine?

How do you know when you urine is normal? How do you recognize abnormal urine color? Well, anytime your urine is not a light yellow or straw yellow color, it can be considered an abnormal urine color. Is abnormal urine a sign of something unhealthy or even dangerous?

It’s not our goal to scare you as we discuss different urine colors, but rather to inform you. Your health is your most important asset, and we feel it best that you are aware of possible health issues indicated by urine color and urine consistency. From there, it’s up to you to decide what you need to do next.

First, keep in mind that your urine color is usually only a symptom and not a health issue in and of itself. That being said, let’s discuss what causes changes to your urine color.

The three main causes of abnormal urine color are:

  1. Foods you have eaten
  2. Drugs you have taken
  3. Health issues

If you are concerned about a change in your normal urine color, stop and take a few notes to help determine if there is a serious issue. Ask yourself a few questions,

  • “My urine color is abnormal. How do I feel?”
  • “What have I eaten recently that might affect my urine color? Have I been eating a food that I do not normally eat?”
  • “What drugs am I taking (prescription or over the counter)? Do I know the side affects of taking these drugs?”
  • “Am I drinking enough water? Could I be dehydrated?”

We’ll go into these more in each individual section.

We cannot stress enough the importance of your health. While this site is meant to give you some helpful guidance regarding the color of your urine, it does not provide definitive answers to your own individual situation. Remember, everyone is different. If you have any concerns about what could be causing your urine color to change, please see a medical professional immediately.

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